I, Stephen Cusato, am a huge freak.

I’m a freak about everything food.

I’m freak about fresh vegetables, fish, meat and farmer’s markets. To me, there is nothing more amazing then a perfect onion or a perfect sugar snap pea and I demand it as fresh as can be! See, what a huge freak, right?

I’m a freak about shopping for food, then going home and cooking the food. Shopping with me takes forever…I’m always looking for that perfect onion!

I’m a freak about learning as much about food as I can and sharing it with others.

But I freakin’ HATE companies like Monsanto, I HATE factory farms and do not get me started on genetically modified foods. If you like these things, I’m afraid you probably won’t like me too much but the feeling would be mutual.

I freakin’ hate seeing people walk into fast food restaurants and buying the crap I see in the supermarket like it is no problem at all. No one understands that a $1 hamburger doesn’t actually cost $1, something’s gotta give.

I freakin’ hate people who don’t give a shit about the food they eat or where it even comes from and don’t care to learn.

But I love people who want to change the way they eat and learn to cook and learn everything there is to know about food.

Above all, I want everyone else to be as big a freak about food as I am.

If everyone truly cared about food and the issues surrounding it, I am 100% convinced that it would change the world! What are we waiting for?

Want to talk? Email me: scusato@gmail.com