1) I’m reading Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine To The World Of Food And the People Who Cook. I’m really into it but the thing with this book is that there are a bunch of really great chapters and then there are a few not so great chapters. The the great ones are really awesome and at times, hysterical. I’d recommend it if you’re looking for something to read. You can purchase it HERE.

2)  Chef John Mooney is about to open the country’s first “rooftop-to-table” restaurant in New York City. This guys has a full hydroponic farm on roof of his restaurant. It the kind of things I’m trying to do in my life. This guy did it first but I can live with that. Let’s hope that by doing this, Mooney is about to start something big! – Click here to see it

3) Besides having come up with one of the most awesome brand names in the restaurant industry accompanied by the coolest logo (in my mind at least), David Chang, Chef and Owner of Momofuku Restaurants is the effing man! There is a great chapter in Bourdain’s book dedicated to him. He’s one of the most important and acclaimed chefs in American right now, even though he thinks that’s a complete joke. He just looks like a guy you want to hang out with. This video is evident of that.  I’m eating at Momofuko Ssam bar on Wednesday…feed me pork buns now!

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