I’m food freak but I’m slowly becoming a wine freak as well. This creeping freak inside me is largely thanks to Gary Vay-ner-chuk. I know, I know…I told you about him a few posts earlier but I really want you guys to learn to appreciate wine if you don’t already do and at the very least, be entertained by this wild man. With me, I always felt “out of my league” when it came to shopping for or ordering wine. What the hell am I looking at, there are 5,000 different bottles, I am staring blindly at them as though I’m looking into a black whole. This guy broke down that intimidation, that “elitist” perception I had floating in my mind about wine. Besides, I started to get curious about the real value that pairing the right wine with the food your eating actually adds. Now I buy a new (and different) bottle of wine at the very least every 2-3 days…and I’m loving it (unlike Monsanto…just had to say that).

This is a highlight video he just posted of his most recent videos. If you don’t like this guy after watching this, than you never will. But to me…he’s THE man and I will share his work often!

P.S. Did I tell you he inspired me to start this blog…ya, that’s important too. Read his book CRUSH IT! It’ll change your life.

Gotta love him!

Check him out